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Cesar Millan has been called a Dr. Phil for dogs, and for good reason. Cesar's amazing rehabilitations of aggressive, scared, lazy, compulsive, and jealous dogs captured the national spotlight when his National Geographic Channel (NGC) series Dog Whisperer premiered in September 2004. Regular viewers soon came to realize it wasn't the dogs but the quirky owners who needed Cesar's help the most. In January 2006, Dog Whisperer returned for a primetime second season with expanded hour-long episodes. Read on!
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World Renown for our Doberman Pinschers 
(About us)
Our Experience with the Doberman since 1974 have led us to a professional level and earned us the respected name and a competitive edge in knowledge with hands on experience. We are committed to setting the highest standards possible for the total Doberman.
With over 30 years of dedication to the breed and significant research studies and understanding into the breed we are dedicated to always continue to produce a better Doberman.

Bred for Family Companion's,Protection, Sport, Obedience, Show, Agility, Police K-9 Patrol, Therapy, Schutzhund, Tracking, and SAR. And More...

(Our Lines, Pedigree's)
World class European Breeding, Or American Bred and Import Service, Specializing in the Doberman Pinscher Breed Respectively.

Our Doberman Pinschers are European Bred, American bred or Directly Imported.

Puppies from Health Tested, Import Working Titled American Show Champion And Or Obedience Titled Parents.

The LeGard Doberman is bred to be a Loyal and Gentle Family Companion.  

(Our Standards)
Show and Working puppies are of Excellent Confidence and Conformation according to the breed Standards set forth by the AKC (American Kennel Club) and DVG (German Working Dog Association) and UDC (United Doberman Club). 

Dobermans With the Most Impressive Pedigree's of World Class Dogs that produce Puppies with Superior Health, Courage, Faithful, Lively, Robust, Good Substance, Dark markings, Healthy Coats, Darkest Possible Coat Colors, and with Absolute Confidence & Presence. 

(The LeGard Temperament's)
Excellent Temperaments, Offering the Ultimate in Exquisite Dispositions, Character, and Personality Plus!

(Working Ability)
Balanced Working Drives, in our European Working lines), True Alert Doberman Expressions, Naturally Protective and Willingness to Please, Superior Nerve.

Like no other the LEGARD Doberman stands out from the crowd!

(Show Quality Puppies)
Our "Show Quality Puppies" are not only beautiful, but they are also smart, at LEGARD Looks is not everything, only a part of our total Doberman.

(Our "Written" Guarantee's)
We Guarantee you that each and every one of our LEGARD Doberman puppies that we place Are Capable of attaining an A.K.C.  C.D. Obedience Title with the Proper Training and a few shows!

WE Also Guarantee LEGARD Puppies Hips to be OFA Certifiable at the age of 24 months, to an OFA Number and Rating of Fair or Excellent.  

Our Commitment to our puppies is for a lifetime!

We offer the ultimate in Guarantees WITH continued SUPPORT for your Dobermans Lifetime. We are here to assist you in finding answers for your questions.

(Our Custom Young Adults)
Import Puppies to fully trained Young Adults are also occasionally available for placement.

(The Complete LeGard Doberman)
We offer you The Ultimate in Guarantee's 
Our Puppies come to you Fully Vaccinated, and are always shipped with a complete Veterinarian signed and dated Health Certificate, Our A.K.C. Registered Puppies have all the necessary Veterinarian work completed before coming to you, such as Tails docked, dew claw removal and Ears cropped. Our puppies are either Micro-chipped and or tattooed. 

You will also receive a puppy starter kit, complete with your puppy's health and shot record, Pedigree's, and other important information, including puppy care information, and product coupons, and a sample of the product "NuVet" that we already have your puppy on for that Extra "edge" of a healthy advantage.

(Shipping Options) 
We can safely ship to your nearest airport.  Puppies are shipped "Cargo" in an "airline approved crate".

(Please visit our other pages)
For a thousand more GREAT links and information, as well as our many picture pages, price guides, and adoption application.

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We hope you have enjoyed your visit and that you will visit us again soon.

May You Always be blessed!
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Child Friendly
Dobermans bred for Sport and Working Potentials 
Bred With Your Family's Protection In Mind 
Superior Showmanship
Bred To Be The All Utility Doberman In Every Respect 
We Breed First and Foremost For  Everyday Family Companions 
Who Enjoy Being With Us And Beside Us Each Step Of The Way !
We Even Have An Occasional Couch Potato !
"On The Lighter Side"
Who Let The Dogs Out!
Then There Are The Party Animals !
When Only The Very Best Will Do ! 

Hot Off the Press!

I hope that you will take advantage of these features to get the message out, while there, read other peoples experiences, share your own experience and become a voice to put this group of nobodies where they belong?  I personally believe in bettering the Doberman Breed, for me, exposing the people at DT for who they are and closing them down is the best thing that one person could ever do for the breed. Have you or your kennel been bashed,slandered or viewed in a negative light on by a bunch of anonymous people with their own agendas?
Let's all get together to counter and expose these malicious people for who they really are.