LeGard's since 1974

About Us....

We are members of the Deutscher Verband der  Gebrauchshundsportvereine DVG , United Doberman Club UDCIABCA and the American Kennel Club AKC.

We are NOT mass producers, and only have a limited number of litters per year, We believe in QUALITY NOT QUANITY, and We do not breed our girls more than once per year or do we breed under the age of 2 years old and Our ONLY breed focus is the Doberman!

Dobermans bred for Companion's, Personal protection,  SchutzhundSport, Search and rescue (SAR)Show, AgiltiyTracking, Obedience,  K-9 Patrol,  and K-9 Narcotics patrol, therapy.

We offer on-line client testimonials from our web site,  as well as other testimonials, and references provided upon request.

We are here before, durring, and after the adoption to help answer your questions, and you  are considered our "extended family".

We recognize that YOU the satisfied client's are the reason why we have grown and remained successfull since our begining in 1974!

About our Puppies....

LeGard's has been commited to breeding for the TOTAL Doberman, and to produce flashy future stars for the ring, work, sport, or home, and bred for superior health, temperament,character,intellignece,conformation, and the ultimate in personality Plus!

Our Puppie's are from Top Champion / Working Titled Parent'(s) , We do not just breed our Girls to Titled Sires, We also Title our Girls !

We offer both the European Style, Conformation & International Titles
 and American Dobermans, and often has direct breedings done in Europe, with litter(s) born here in the US.

Our Puppie's are raised in the home, underfoot. We begin Temperament testing from day one to ensure you with the proper selection to match your requests.

We select your puppy according to your "special requests" and living arrangements, your desires, and future plans for which you intend to do with your LeGard Doberman, each puppy has a Unique personality, and we take this into consideration with your requests.

Our Puppie's are placed in your home medically complete, all vaccinations are current as well as ear crops, tail docking, and de-worming.

Our Vet crops our puppies ears at 6-8 weeks of age , the tails, and dew claws are done at 3 days old. The ears are taped, and posted and any sutures are removed prior to shipment, your Puppy may came with ears taped or braced  in a custom "WolfeRack", a method"created" used by our Vet.
All LeGard Doberman's and Puppies, will be either Tattooed and or Micro-chipped with their own personl ID number before shipment or delivery .

Puppies shipped with a complete health record, and health certificate.

All puppies are either fully  AKC registered,   or with  limited Registration.

We offer shipping for those unable to drive out to us, we are one hour from the Birmingham ,Al, Airport - and Only 4 hours from the Atlanta International Airport.

All puppies are placed with a full lifetime health guarantee from birth defects and hereditary and or congenintal diesase's.  Please see our Guarantees page. Puppies are also guaranteed for a full two years from adoption, for temperament, if at any time you are not pleased with your puppys temperment we will replace your puppy,  also see Guarantees for further information regarding this.

Our Puppies are usualy ready for shipment or adoption between the ages of  8- 12 weeks old, unless, weather does not permit shipment..

Deposits are highly recommended  due to the "Limited litters" and referals that we have, we often have a waiting list, so please let us know if you plan to place a deposit.  

Puppies are selected according to your personal requests, in the order that deposits are recieved, so an earlier deposit can make a better selection having more puppies to "select from".

We do not permit potential clients, to "Personaly Hand Select" their puppy, We feel that no one knows the puppies in each litter better than the breeder who has been with them from day one, as puppies change from day to day, it is not a fair "grading" to select a puppy from a litter in which they have never seen before that day, and have then only seen for at most a "few hours". Our puppies are selected per our clients individule requests, of what they expect there puppy to mirror at maturity. 

Our Stud Services Available.......

Champion titled / Schutzhund titled Stud services Available to "approved" ladys

Our Sires are AKC DNA 'd

We offer shipping  for those unable to drive out to us, we are one hour from the Birmingham Alabama Airport -and only  4 hours from the Atlanta airport.

About Our Adults ........

LeGard's Adults are currently health tested,  Vwd DNA tested , OFA'd for Hips and Elbows, Cardio and Thyroid tested.

LeGard Doberman's are from Top Champion and or Top Working Bloodlines, and are titled in either or both, a Championship, and or Obedience title, or workingShutzhund title(s).

Other available options.....

LeGard's also offers "custom" trained young adults and puppy's for those wanting specialized training already completed. Training "Tailored to meet your needs! From housebreaking to Personal protection, we offer a well mannered LeGard Doberman, already past the "puppy stages" of  chewing, and soiling. Please see our custom training page for information.

Required Contracts and Agreements.... 

Because we work so very hard for the best interest of the Doberman and our LeGard name, we place our puppies under the following terms and requirements,

We DO NOT place our puppies or Dobermans for re-sale, and we DO NOT sell in quanity. We DO NOT place our Dobes, or Puppies in homes with "white factored" Dobes unless spayed or neutered, We Do NOT place our Dobes into homes that do not have fenced yards and we will NOT place our Dobes, Puppies into homes that cannot provide references. We Do NOT place our Dobes, Puppies into any "Multi-Breed " Kennels, (Breeders of more than one breed of Dog-ie-puppie mills or back yard breeders.) We  Do Not place our puppies into a home that does not agree to train them in a minimum of basic obedience training, and we Do Not place our Dobes, puppies into homes unless they will be kept indoors and in the home with the family.

All LeGard Dobermans placed as Companions must be spayed or Neutered, and will have "Limited registration", AKC papers. (Titles NOT required, but still desired!)

For any LeGard puppy with the "LeGard " prefix in it's registered name, that receives an approved title or titles, in AKC ObedienceSchutzhund, or AKC Championship, we will provide you with your next LeGard Puppy at NO COST, .  (shipping is additional).

All show, Obedience,working, breeding, puppies, or adults will be registered with our Kennel prefix (LeGard) in the name, that it will be reigistered with, and will be named accordingly at LeGard's, you may use any "call" name desired.  If you do not use the LeGard Name all guarantee's and offers are VOID!
They will be placed with a contract not to breed until health testing has been cleared, and at least two years of age, and with a minimum AKC /UDC DVG/ title of  either, obedience CGC and a CD (CGC,CD will count as one title), or Schutzhund 1, or AKC o International Championship.

LeGard's reserves the right to refuse adoption to any non qualified person(s), who cannot or do not meet our requirements.

LeGard Doberman's reserves the right to amend / change any of the policys on this page at any time.

     If you have any questions, Please contact us. Thank You !
Where only the BEST will do !
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