The Custom LeGard Doberman  These Dobermans are ready to come into your home without all the problems encountered in raising a young imprintable puppy. We take care of all the hard stuff for you, so that when your new LeGard Doberman comes into his / her new home, you are able to enjoy him / her right away without all the hard work and dedication involved in regular training and molding.
Our Dobes are raised in our home, around children, and all types of situations normal to daily living. Your custom Dobe  will enjoy car rides, walk on lead properly, will be crate trained,  housebroken, understand NOT to jump up on people and a family companion that can be trusted not to tear into the garbage or tear up your Persian rug if left alone. He/ She will also know the basic obedience commands, Come when called, sit, down, and stay, and be well focused and alert.  Our pups are trained on FOOD DRIVES for optimum FOCUS skills, with personality's that are happy and eager to learn and train.
There will be no surprises, You will know what his/her personality is like during the training we keep you posted, and if if is not what you want, we will not send it to you ! We keep you current and up to date on everything we are doing with your Custom Doberman. We Video tape the progress for you as we go.
We will send you a well mannered and trustworthy Dobe, That's our word!  We are also happy to add and or subtract anything you prefer into the training program .
Our Commitment is to assure that a puppy reaches it's fullest potential so that you are able to love and enjoy  the Quality Custom LeGard Doberman that you deserve and want.
Our Experience goes beyond the 35 + years we have lived with our Dobermans , in early childhood I read every book of training interest I could find.  In 1977 I Graduated from The East Coast All Breed Dog Training Academy of Florida, as a Master Trainer - in Obedience - I Graduated in 1978 from the Hialeah Florida school of Security Dogs as a Certified  K-9 Training Graduate.  I have also Instructed Group Classes as well as Private Lessons and In House Training , and have trained well over 1,500 Dogs of all Breeds, in all phases, and in both States of  Southern Florida and Alabama.
Besides my formal training I have devolved my own personal "Technique's" through personal study , and have learned to apply a mixture of these for problem solving and training , to best fit each dogs own personal breed traits ,  Temperaments,  Personality's and ability's as NO TWO Dogs are the Same !
The Ideal Doberman  begins before it is ever born through a person with great interest Knowledge, and love for the breed, who can select the BEST OF THE BEST from the Pedigrees in future breeding plans to help develop the IDEAL DOBERMAN. It is knowing what to look for , and how to obtain it. That's Genetics !  When we have the Ideal puppies, We can then begin to imprint, mold, and train, upon a SOLID FOUNDATION , THE LEGARD DOBERMAN !
Selection we are constantly monitoring our litters, from day one, and until they go to there new homes. We are looking for differences in personality's, temperaments, strengths, weakness, likes and dislikes, as well as many other important factors. Each Pup is "GRADED ON HIS/ HER OWN MERITS " in order to match and correctly place the puppies into the properly matched home.
Custom Doberman's

( Now accepting  very limited reservations for  2015 & 2016 )
How Much will this cost The amount of money you spend on the Custom Dobe is MINIMAL compared to the TIME , REPETITION , ENERGY , and PATIENTS, NOT TO MENTION , the possibility of  RUINED CARPETS, FURNITRE, FROM CHEWING , SOILING,  and DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME is no harder than ending up having to do it over and over again, or worse , NOT being able to recognize bad habits and know how to correct them  BEFORE they become PERMANATLY FIXED in your DOG.

We also specialize in imprinting for younger pups during there stay with us as needed. We no longer offer PP training. We no longer offer sleeve work.

We DO NOT  include in the amount of the Custom Dobe, The need of further immunizations required - Heart worm prevention - De-Worming's as needed -  Getting the ears up with repeated taping and care-

Keep in mind that this training cannot be achieved in a 10-12 week old puppies or overnight, it takes time to achieve "reliability" and "Proof" the Puppies , we can only train so much at one time, and a puppies cannot begin another new phase until it has mastered the last phase.


For the complete cost of Your Custom LeGard Doberman please call or e-mail us. 
How do I go about placing my order for my Custom Doberman   When you contact us we will be able to give you the availability of a puppies.  We do all the training here in our home, and so we can only accept limited orders each year.  We prefer to limit our program to 6 Custom Dobes per year.  This ensures we are not over booked and each puppies gets our full attention. We only train what we have requests for, so there is a waiting period.  We do not have a puppies ready for you before we understand your requirements and family's lifestyle as well as your puppies desired color, and sex, as well as parentage. The sooner you make your request the sooner we can start to locate the right LeGard Doberman Puppies for you. Then we begin with our Selection / Training phase, often while that puppies is still in the whelping box.  We do offer an easy payment plan, to be paid  monthly or weekly during the training phase, with the balance to be paid in full before shipment.  Your New Custom LeGard Doberman will be selected for you at the age of 8-10 weeks of age if not sooner, and from there we will be ready to ship you your Custom trained puppies within about 5 months depending on your specific criteria. Please contact us about the availability of your CUSTOM LEGARD DOBERMAN.
Thank You and We hope to hear from you soon !
Custom Trained Young Adults
Trained To Meet Your Requirements
Temperament Tested
Where Only The Best will Do !
An 11 month old "Custom" LeGard puppy
4 year old Tyler helps with commands and training ,
Our future master trainer !
Great Emphasis is placed upon the correct standards for the Doberman with impeccable temperaments.  In an effort to preserve and enhance the quality of our Dobermans, all of the dogs we utilize in our breeding program are meticulously temperament tested, critiqued, and measured against the ultimate ideal specimen of the Doberman Pinscher.

Choice, Quality Puppies and Special, Select "Pick-of-Litter" Puppies from WORLD CHAMPION Breeding Stock at 8wk's-12wk's of age are selected for our "Custom" programs.

Did you know that our "Custom trained puppies" are raised, and trained in our home, just as if they belonged to us, they are kept in the home under constant supervision and in training until they leave us and are sent home with the new parents.
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Our training is based on complete home and car manners, lead training, basic commands and most importantly in home manners, chewing, soiling, crate training, Our pups are trained on FOOD DRIVES  or Ball drives for optimum FOCUS skills, with personality's that are happy and eager to learn and train. There will be no surprises, . The training is based on a daily regimen that consists of the dog being in home and raised and trained as one of our own, We never kennel our in home residents, they are well Socialized to other pets and children as well. We also cover daily boarding,. food, and supplements are included. We do a day by day and there are no commitments on your part on time limits, your free to stop and start the training at any time. Our cost is $36.00 per day.  Just slightly higher than it would cost (Per day) to Just "Board" a pet at the Veterinarians. There are NO hidden fees. In Home Boarding and training are included. The time is dependant on the individual pet, age, sex, breed and of course personality and willingness to learn. Young adults normally learn faster than young puppies. All dogs can be trained, like people, some learn slower, some are faster to catch on.  We begin with puppy kindergarten, and advance accordingly to basic Obedience, which is sit, down, stay and come when called, as well as walk on lead without pulling. In the course we are also implementing the in home manners as well as the social skills and any aggression or barking, chewing problems that we may encounter.  Please let me know if I can help. Our classes are limited ! Payments are made on a monthly basis, (pay as you go) with the first month in advance. Each payment is billed by invoice through email and billing would begin on the date training is started and is billed monthly thereafter. We use only positive reinforcement, and train with food and toys and praise. We are a one on one personal in home trainer. We can train puppies or adults. If you should choose to start with a new puppy then we would begin the training once the puppy is purchased, at the age of 7 or 8 weeks of age we start with basics like crate and potty training, learning the name, coming when called. Once we see that the puppy is progressing normally and understands what is expected we then proceed to the basic obedience skills. While training for these we are also constantly looking at other issues, chewing, and any other problems that could arise.
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Dear Kathy,

Greetings & Happy New Year!  Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that Jaise is doing fabulous. She is the best puppy!  She has settled in so well and is the happiest, most well-adjusted and sweetest girl...I can't even put into words how much she means to me. 

You have done a fantastic job with her, Kathy. She is a wonderful companion...she loves to please, her focus is amazing and her training sessions are a joy...she is a pleasure to work with, and she really loves her daily walks.  When I meet other owners with their dogs, they are impressed not only by what a beautiful Doberman puppy she is but also by her confidence and manners.  Many people have inquired as to where I acquired her, so you may be getting inquiries through your web site!

Many blessings and best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2010!

Photo's of Lori and Jaise below open in a new widow if you click on them.

God bless,
"Jaise" Focus work
Thank you Lori for allowing me to keep Jaise a little while longer for her custom work, She was a Joy to teach !
The "total" Doberman as what it is meant to be!
A well trained Doberman is an asset as well as a Joy to live with.