Conformation Champion (CH)

also known as a Show Champion

Points are awarded to Winners Dog and Winners Bitch in each breed or variety. Dogs are first judged in classes (Puppy, American-bred, Bred-by Exhibitor, Open, etc.) separated by gender. First from each class then compete against one another for Winners.

Schedule of points is based on total number of dogs of the same breed/variety and gender in the regular classes. Minimum is 0 points; maximum is 5 points. The point schedule varies by breed and region of the country.

Dogs very seldom compete for these points against champions (CH). Although Champions are permitted to enter the Open class, they usually compete as Specials.

The CH title requires 15 points total, PLUS six or more of those points must be won at two shows with a rating of three or more championship points each (i.e., majors) and under two different judges. One or more of the balance of points should be from a third judge

There are no requirements for points earned at all breed shows, group shows, or specialties. In fact, earning all points at specialties is considered a point of pride by some owners.

If a class dog goes Best of Winners, Best of Breed, Group 1, or Best in Show, it is credited with the highest number of points due a dog it defeats.

The point schedule is adjusted annually based on a complex formula that considers number of dogs of each breed and gender competing in the region in the previous three years. The point schedule is set by the AKC Board of Directors separate from the Rules.

The American Kennel Club has organized bench shows and issued championships since 1884.

Full details are available in AKCís Dog Show Rules .

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