The Doberman is a power packed medium sized dog. The Dobe has a beautifully wedge shaped head, a well arched neck that flows into smooth fitting shoulders which blend into a firm strong topline. Connect this with a muscular rear assembly and a well turned stifle, with tight fitting skin covered with short close fitting coat and you have a clean crisp silhouette of a dog that possesses an air of nobility, an alertness to his surroundings, and the courage and mobility to respond to any situation.

The Doberman is a dog that comes with a built in high energy level and watching this short backed galloper run free (flat out with four off the floor) along the beach, in a field, or through the mountains has left many owners explaining what they see by describing the gracefulness, speed and beauty of a deer.

NOTE: Caution - be VERY careful with your Doberman during hunting season!!

Even though the Doberman was originally bred as a guardian and personal protector, the Doberman has an excellent nose for tracking and has been used for capturing felons. For many years the Doberman has been chosen to become an outstanding member of Search and Rescue Teams. A few owners have been surprised by the pointing and retrieving instincts of the Dobe and have made excellent hunting companions out of their pets. Dobes can also be found herding sheep (one such Dobe even has a Herding Dog Certificate) and bringing the cows in at milking time. The Dobermans loyalty, devotion, confidence and high degree of trainability (in the right hands) made the Doberman the dog of choice by the USMC during WWII; giving his life for his country. In contrast, this same breed has been and is still being used as a guide dog as well as an outstanding therapy dog.

The Doberman is one of the smartest dogs of dogdom. He is known for his intelligence and his uncanny reasoning ability. These qualities combined with the Dobe's deceptive power, exuberance for life, and his simple yet complex nature and temperament require extra time for early socialization, obedience training, and ample exercise. The Doberman is not recommended for dog owners of limited time, energy, and experience.

On the other hand, the Doberman is extremely affectionate and has been able to find his way into the hearts of his owners, like no other breed, and many people are life long devotes of this magnificent "Cadillac" of dogs.