Ch. - Champion

  • ___ - if there is no prefix, the championship is American.
  • Am. - American AKC champion, total of at least 15 points including 2 major wins. A major is a win of 3 or more points. The number of points is based on the number of dogs shown. Only the best regular class male and the best regular class bitch can earn points at a show.
  • Can.- Canadian
  • Eng.- English


For a complete set of rules and regulations for all three AKC obedience levels, send $1.00 to the AKC at 51 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010. The booklet is titled Obedience Regulations. It also describes how to construct regulation jumps.

CD - Companion Dog

This is the "Novice" class, the first title to be earned. It consists of an on-leash heeling pattern, a figure 8 on- leash, stand-for-examination, off-leash heeling, a recall, a finish, and 1 minute group sit stay, and 3 minute group down stay. A dog must earn at least 170 points out of a possible 200, and must not fail any individual exercise. Each successful passing score is called a "leg" towards the CD title. The dog must earn three "Legs" under three different judges. The CD title must be earned before moving on to the next level.

CDX - Companion Dog Excellent

This is the "Open" class. All work in this class is off-leash. The exercises consist of a heeling pattern, a figure 8, a drop-on-recall, a retrieve on the flat, a retrieve over the high jump, and the broad jump. The sit and down group stays are much longer (3 minute sit and 5 minute down), and the handlers leave the ring and wait out of sight of the dogs. The CDX title is earned by three passing scores of 170 or above, under three different judges. This title must be earned before moving to the next level.

UD - Utility Dog

The Utility exercises are all off-leash. The heeling is cued with hand signal commands only. No voice is used during the signal exercise. The dog must heel, stand, stay, drop, sit, come, and finish in response to hand signals. The other exercises include scent discrimination (two separate article retrieves), and directed retrieve, the moving stand and examination, and directed jumping. The same scoring requirements apply.


CGC - Canine Good Citizen

It is a program from the AKC to encourage training and responsible dog ownership. The CGC test is a temperament evaluation, with basic obedience exercises. Each dog is exposed to a stranger, sits for exam, meets a strange dog, does a basic heeling pattern, and is closely evaluated as to its ability to fit into society. You are given a very nice certificate, and can use the CGC in advertising, but it is not added to the dog's name like a CD, CDX etc., on show entries, or registration slips. With modifications, the CGC test is also used to evaluate dogs for Therapy Dogs International. Dog World, "Canine Good Citizen Close-Up."

TDI - Therapy Dogs International

(908) 429-0670 Call for information on evaluators in your area. The CGC test with some modifications is required. You will receive a form to send to TDI, with a fee, you can register your dog as a Therapy Dog. You will get a newsletter, a yellow TDI tag for your dog's collar, and an ID badge. Your evaluator can usually tell you which nursing homes, hospitals, etc, in your area welcome Therapy Dogs. TT - Temperament Test not an AKC title, see enclosed brochure.
American Temperament Test Society, Inc. (ATTS)
P.O. Box 397, Fenton, Missouri 63026
(314) 225-5346